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  • "Very gentle with lots of complimentary therapies. I highly recommend him. I also use the HBOT chamber for oxygen therapy for my Meniere's disease. I have had excellent results and have found it quite helpful for clearing my ears."
    Mary C.
  • "Dr. Warner is the chillest guy and it is always great to get an adjustment from. I used to be in a lot of pain from a sports injury but after seeing Dr. Warner for a few weeks, I feel great. He has some cool therapy tools like lasers and ultrasound which I really benefited from. I especially like how he didn't pressure me into coming back all the time once I was feeling better. I have been to chiros before that do that. I only come in if I have an issues and he fixes me right up."
    Peter S.
  • "I have seen several chiropractors. Many just want to get you in a package and sell vitamins. Dr. Warner has adjusted me and restored my functionality immediately. I highly recommend him for acute pain, injury, and maintenance. He is now also treating my partner as well."
    Ft W.
  • "Dr. Warner has been caring for my husband and I the past 14 years, and our two daughters for the past 5 years. His medical knowledge, professionalism, and compassion are stellar and we have recommended many friends to his practice over the years."
    Pam L.
  • "Dr. Warner is an incredible doctor. He combines years of expertise with genuine passion to provide the best chiropractic experience. If your issues aren't quickly solved, he will reevaluate the treatment plan because your happiness and well-being are his top priorities."
  • "Dr Warner and his staff went to great lengths to be available on my time schedule. I was able to receive treatment for my lower back pain and am now am able to sleep better at night because of it."
  • "Dr. Warner is THE best! I have NEVER had much faith in alternative medicine. I'm a real skeptic. Maybe it's because I'm very healthy for 75.
    I started having a lot of knee pain a year ago. So bad I had to give up pickle ball and it hurt to walk. The pain was very intense. I didn't know what to do. My sister told me to see Dr. Warner because he had so many tools and experience in working with different problems, not just spines. He did about 4 different things to the knee at each session and in one month, I was back to new. I'm back to pickle ball, no pain and feel great. I won't question alternative medicine again."
    Barb P.
  • "I was visiting from Southern California and the altitude was really getting to my body. Dr. Warner and his team here really took the extra time especially on a busy evening to make sure that my back was adjusted correctly got some laser treatment on my knee as well as stem treatment which was an added bonus but most of all the hyperbaric chamber that dr. Warner has is the best in the area and I highly recommend you go see him if you're needing a quick boost of some pure oxygen. Additionally it helps that dr. Warner is an avid athlete with many accolades on his resume and understands the needs of competitive athletes!"
    Scott B.
  • "I have been going to Dr Warner for several years. He gets my adjustment right every single time."
    Judy S.
  • "I knew I was in trouble after I neglected my chiropractic care for nearly three months. Dr. Warner made it easy for me to get back on track. The cash price is a little more than I was used to paying, but the care includes extra services such as a massage table and TENS treatment that make the cost well worth it. It's really refreshing to visit a health care professional that genuinely cares about my well-being."
    Nicole A.
  • "Doc is so welcoming and kind. He does a great job and he or his staff has called to check on me after treatment. He is as good as it gets. He is well worth the trip and I cant say enough good things about him or his receptionist. He is personable and easy going. He knows his patients and treats people with kindness.

    He just takes care of you and you feel better.

    I'd recommend him to anyone."
    Kevin C.
  • "I sought services during my pregnancy three years ago. I had experienced trauma prior to the pregnancy and it was exacerbated by the weight of the baby. The level of experience coupled with the genuine kindness of the staff is unparalleled. I called Monday after not having been there since January 2015 and they recognized me over the phone! I had a need for an appt and was seen by Wednesday! Wonderful, just wonderful!"
    Keena J.
  • "Great service, with excellent bed side manor!! Very happy with Back Country Chiropractic"
    Jon M.
  • "Dr. Warner has taken care of me over the years, from child birth to car accidents. Thanks to him I have a healthy back and live my life pain free!"
    Jennifer D.
  • "The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a fantastic supplementary tool to my chiropractic care. The chamber is very comfortable and the treatment packages are affordable."
    Kelsey W.
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Warner. He is such a caring doctor that treats each of his patients with their own individual needs. His patients are very much like family. He has wonderful bedside manner and treats each individual with patience, dignity, gentleness and always with positive energy. Prices are great. I promise that each new patient will truly be satisfied. Highly recommended! !!!"
    Lynda Panneton R.
  • "Dr.Garry is great. Super comfortable atmosphere"
    Joshua H.
  • "First, I am a huge fan of chiropractic care. At Dr. Warner's my visits are never complicated by wait times, and the care I get is effective ALL THE TIME. With reasonable prices and various state-of-the-art therapies that Dr. Warner is happy to apply without costing extra makes treatment at this office corrective and restorative. Great relief! I highly recommend receiving chiropractic care here no matter what age, young or old."
    Ciarra T.
  • "Dr. Warner was very patient. He listened to and valued all my concerns and then we discussed a course of action to address the ongoing issue without the pressure of a long term commitment to his practice. I will definitely be coming back in the future."
    Bonnie W.
  • "Great customer care and professional doctor ."
    Carol T.
  • "Dr Garry does amazing healing for my issues. Thank you!"
    Jaye M.

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